EMPOWERED BY ADHD is a conference that aims to raise awareness about ADHD, its impact on daily life, tools to adopt and how to create an inclusive environment for adults and children alike. It is the first regional annual conference of its kind on ADHD; that is both large in its offerings, as well as inclusive in its reach. The conference aims to equip participants with the information and practical tools to help them UNDERSTAND ADHD, raise AWARENESS and EMPOWER to IMPACT.

Building on the successes of the 2017 and 2019 conferences, we are putting together a larger and more intensive program this year that includes powerful panels and well-structured workshops that will provide more comprehensive and targeted insights to the audience, brought to the audience by the leading professionals in the field of ADHD, child development and specialist, psychologists, inclusion and cognitive training experts.

This year’s conference will be EMPOWERED BY ADHD 2021: THE ACT and will be held onsite at Grand Millennium Hotel – Amman and online, on the 3rd of December 2021 and is managed by iJordan.

EMPOWERED BY ADHD 2021: The Act is divided into three sections. The conference will begin with the TALK, where the speakers will take on a topic for 10 mins, creating an interesting and engaging environment for the rest of the conference. The Panels will be its second part, where each panel will host speakers discussing specific topics related to Educational fields. The third part of the conference will consist of targeted WORKSHOPS, given by international, regional and local speakers, on some needed AGENDA and interesting topics relating to THE ACT.

Our international, regional and local speakers have a range of expertise and skills, that they will be sharing with you all at the EMPOWERED BY ADHD 2021: THE ACT conference this December. The Talk, Panels and Workshops are created by them, utilizing their understanding of what needs to be emphasized and broadcasted to the audience to help raise awareness about ADHD in educational sector and provide knowledge, tools and strategies, forming the right ACT plan.